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The Successful Way to Permanently Remove Your Hair

When it comes to permanently removing your hair, it's getting each step just right to achieve the fastest and most permanent results.  It is not enough to simply perform the treatment, you must be able to effectively combine all the necessary steps.  Here are the steps to guarantee success in your treatment for permanent hair removal.

Consultationfacial hair removal

An initial consultation is required before any hair removal treatments can begin.  During the first appointment the technician obtains information about you, your medical history, condition of your skin and color of the hair to be removed.  Based on the observation of the technician they will be able to choose the most appropriate treatment option for you.  It is not up to you to choose your treatments, that is what the technician is trained to do.  Example electrolysis is effective on clients that have blonde, red or gray hair in the treatment area.  If the client has both light and dark hair color they will need both electrolysis and laser to get total permanent hair removal.  It is essential to have the technician clearly explain the treatment options being offered and the anticipated results.  This will ensure your satisfaction.

Treatments in the right hair growth phase

Once the technician chooses the right treatment options for you, the treatment needs to be done in the right growth phase of your hair.  To achieve permanent hair removal, treatment must be performed during the anagen phase in order to fully destroy the hair follicle.  During this phase, the follicles contain the most cells responsible for hair growth, and hair has the most pigmentation.  Laser uses a beam of light which targets pigmentation.  The pigmented hair absorbs the light and heat.  The heat promotes the destruction of germative cells responsible for hair growth.  Cell destruction is not possible when there is no hair pigmentation notable during the telogen or catogen phases of hair growth.  Electrolysis is not based on the amount of pigmentation in the hair follicle, but the goal remains the same for each method, that being destruction of a maximum number of hairs in the growth phase (anagen phase).  When choosing laser or electrolysis it is very important to plan treatments so as to allow for a maximum number of hairs to be in the anagen phase.  Laser you allow 6 to 8 weeks between appointments.  Electrolysis you allow 1 to 6 weeks between appointments.  It takes 18 months to grow all the phases of hair growth, so it will take that long to achieve permanent hair removal.

Using the best technology available

The type of equipment the technician uses greatly impacts the treatment outcome.  When performing laser for permanent hair removal make sure the technician is using the right laser beam to destroy your hair follicle.  The only laser devices on the market that can give you permanent results are diode lasers, alexandrite lasers and Yag for dark skins.  These lasers go deep enough into the skin to destroy the hair follicle.  The laser beam depths should be 755nm or 1064nm.  Light based lasers like Intense Pulse Light Lasers do not go deep enough to destroy the deepest hair follicle.  When performing electrolysis there are many types of devices old and new.  All true electrolysis machines will give you permanency, but the new epilators will perform with higher radio frequency and power levels which will give you faster permanent results.  Permanency is the bottom line.  Make sure your technician is trained and licensed in both laser and electrolysis and has the right technology you are looking for.

Effective work methods

hair removal for men Effective work methods not only improve results, but also ensures greater comfort and safety for you throughout your treatments.  During electrolysis a probe is inserted into each hair follicle, a key step to this modality's success.  This technique of hair removal requires a high level of precision.  The electrologist must delicately insert a probe the size of a hair into the follicle until it reaches the base of the hair called the papilla.  This is where the heat must be emitted for the full and successful destruction of the growth cells to occur.  A common myth about electrolysis is that treatments are painful.  This simply is not true.  Treatment be quite comfortable, especially when the technique is correctly performed.  Your client should not feel when the probe is inserted, or when the hair is extracted (as long as the hair is in the growing stage).  The client should only feel a slight heating of the follicle lasting a few milli seconds (flash thermolysis).  In the case of laser it is important for the laser hand piece to come in contact with the treated area.  With laser you should feel a stinging snap for every pulse on your skin, the more dark hair in the pulse size the more snap you should feel.  After the treatment is over it should feel warm, but not a burning sensation.  After a successful treatment with both laser and electrolysis the skin should be red with welts around each hair treated.  This should all subside a few hours after treatment.  The technician should never treat the same area twice or miss any hairs in the treatment area.  A few important steps must be taken to prevent skin burns.  This requires proper training and the right technology.  Considering that hair removal techniques are continually evolving and manufacturers are creating more technologically advanced devices, ongoing professional training is a basic requirement for your technician who wants to offer you the clients the best services they can get anywhere.

Did you know well hydrated skin can tolerate heat more easily?  If you perform treatments using a safe but higher degree of heat, more growth cells will be effectively destroyed and the desired results will be achieved more quickly.  You should at home drink lots of water and use an exfoliant and moisturizer to adequately prepare your skin for treatments.  Especially when doing laser, this will minimize the risk of hyperpigmentation.

Patience and time

As previously mentioned, in order to achieve permanent results, treatment should ideally be performed during the anagen phase.  Consequently, it is absolutely essential you rigorously attend appointments which have been set according to the growth phase of your hair.  If you continually skip or push back appointments, it will only be a waste of time continuing potentially ineffective treatments during the catagen and telogen phases.  Take the time to understand your responsibility in guaranteeing the success of your treatment for permanent hair removal.

Influencing success

As you are no doubt aware, several factors influence the success of permanent hair removal.  Proper training of your technician, the right technology in the devices used to remove your hair and being well informed and cooperative.  Exercise the sound professional judgment on the part of the professional all contributes to a safe, comfortable, rapid, and above all, effective treatments.